vikingjim (vikingjim) wrote,

I'd just like to say a quick word about how good Troma was last night. The MST3k-alike Riff thing worked really well, despite a few techincal problems to begin with- I'd like to see the Matrix one now. Carnosaur 3: Primal Species was fantastic, shame on those who left before it. Best line: "Right men, we're going in. If it's bigger than a donkey, shoot it."

Of course, it was no The Deadly Bees...

I hope the Sun comes out tomorrow- my whole project (40 credits of my final year) is taking pictures of the Sun, and it's being a shy bugger so far. I'm going to sacrifice something else to the Sun God Ra and see if that does any good. It didn't last week when I sacrificed a chicken. Well, I ate a chicken. But I scattered the bones in a ritualistic way (well, in the bin) while peforming an egyptian chant. Well, I was singing "chick chick chick chick chicken". On an unrelated note, my housemates look nervous when I'm around now. At least it means they pay me for the internet a bit quicker!

I mean, why a donkey? Why not "If it's a Velociraptor, shoot it"? Oh, and they're "faster than any other animal on Earth, except a cheetah". So to sum up- if it's slower that a cheetah (but faster than anything else!) and bigger than a donkey (yet small enough to fit into a truck), shoot it.

I think I can fit in a quick battle before lunch. Those dicks in the Holy Roman Empire invaded me last night- I'm going to crush them. Toodles!

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